"Interesting" Hong Kong companies of the week: the Haitong UT companies

They're up to number 19 in the series... after skipping a few

It’s another series of numbered companies coming in clumps, although this time with the regular, modern Indo-Arabic numerals rather than Roman ones.

In 2007 PLOVER ENTERPRISES LIMITED appeared. After a few name changes it became Haitong UT Capital Group Co., Limited 海通恒信金融集團有限公司 in 2014.

And then nothing much happened…

Until 2017, when Haitong UT Leasing HK Limited 海通恒信租賃(香港)有限公司 and Haitong UT Holding Limited 海通恒信融資租賃控股有限公司 were born.

So far, so standard corporate structure.

Then on 13th August 2018 came Haitong UT HK 1 Limited, Haitong UT HK 2 Limited, Haitong UT HK 3 Limited… up to Haitong UT HK 10 Limited. Weirdly, their Company Registry numbers are not in order nor consecutive…

And that was it until November 2019 when 15, 16, and 17 appeared. That’s right, a few numbers were skipped again, just like with the JD Aries series. Is it deliberate? It is superstition? Did someone lose count?

And then nothing again, until this month, December 2020, when a spinoff, Haitong UT Brilliant Limited (no Chinese name) was shown off at the start of the month, and 18 and 19 sneaked in just before Christmas on 22nd December.

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