Welcome to Hong Kong Company Number 3,000,000!

But what are the chances of reaching 4,000,000?

Hong Kong has reached a milestone: its 3 millionth registered company. You can see it on our Companies Registry Guru website here.

The lucky company’s English name is DOUBLE DRAGON INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT LIMITED, and its Chinese name is 雙龍國際發展有限公司. Very auspicious. It was incorporated on 4th December 2020, where despite stronger and stronger measures against openness by the Hong Kong Companies Registry (CRHK), including mandatory captchas, the company was found by our scrapers at around 7pm Hong Kong time on the same day.

Technically speaking — and we at Public Data Hong Kong are nothing if not scrupulous about being technically correct when it comes to our datasets — the company with CRHK Number 3,000,000 is only the 2,999,998th in the registry, as record-keeping was spotty in the early days of the Registry, and perhaps some records were lost over time, leading to no companies claiming numbers 32 and 1867.

The rate of growth in company registrations is very clear from our data platform (get in touch if you want to be part of our beta programme!):

Plotting on a log scale, the constancy of the rate of growth company formation is remarkably clear:

Of course not all companies survive. At the moment of the incorporation of Hong Kong Company Number 3,000,000, there were 1,416,241 companies that hadn’t been dissolved in our data, i.e. more than half of Hong Kong companies have not survived until now. Again, the rate of growth in extant companies — but sometimes also decay — can be seen in this graph produced by our data platform:

Note in particular the stall in growth of living companies between 1997 and 2004, where the dissolution of old companies was keeping pace with the incorporation of new companies, and a more recent stall since 2018, where the number of dissolutions was actually overtaking the number of incorporations.

Company number 2,000,000 (FENLAN FENOU HEALTH INDUSTRY CO., LIMITED 芬蘭芬歐健康實業有限公司, which seems to be the only company in the registry containing the letter sequence “fenou”) was born in 2013 and died in 2018. If company incorporations keep up with the historical trend, company number 4,000,000 will be born in around 4 years, at the start of 2025. But how much of Hong Kong or its registry will survive until then?

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